A beautiful  vintage style  full Victorian Gothic white nightdress with delicate  white embroidery and  fetching additional side ties. 
Pin tucking on the front with embroidered sections. White floral embroidery on the bottom of the nightdress.
100% cotton.
Free Size 
Bust  up to 42 inches /aprox 106cm
Length 121cm
arrives via bat beautifully wrapped

There she sees a damsel bright, 
Drest in a silken robe of white, 
That shadowy in the moonlight shone: 
The neck that made that white robe wan, 
Her stately neck, and arms were bare; 
Her blue-veined feet unsandl'd were, 
And wildly glittered here and there 
The gems entangled in her hair. 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge ~

Mina ~ White Cotton Night Dress~ with embroidery & additional side Ties